Wednesday, April 2, 2008

#29 Naples Beach Party


Camera EXIF: Canon 20D EFS 17-55 f/2.8 IS at 17mm for 6 minute 6 secs at f/5.6, iso 100.

I was down on the beach taking some long exposure night shots. You really can't see anything out there. See the picture at the bottom of this post to see what it really looked like to the naked eye. So this shot is looking north along the beach. Post #28, previous, was from the same spot looking south. Now for this shot there was a group of young kids - maybe older teens or young twenties having a little beach party about 200 yards up on the beach from me. I could not see them, I could hear them. So I thought I would try to take a shot with them in it. They had little lights that they were using to see and I was hoping for a little more dramatic light from them but they were only turning them on for a few seconds - maybe lighters? Anyway, I like the way the shot turned out.

A couple of notes:
1. The picture is straight, look at the hotel windows at the right edge of the shot. The shore curves away near the top giving the impression that the shot is not straight. Straightening for the shore makes the hotels appear to be falling.

2. Setting the focus at night on a dark beach is very hard. I actually turned on auto focus, hit the focus on the near hotel and turned it off to keep it set.

3. I did not use the noise reduction custom feature on the 20D. I really don't think the shot has that much noise.

4. As in post #28, I created two exposures from the RAW file. One set at much cooler temperature to bring out the blues of the sky and water and one warmer exposure for the sand and the clouds to the left of the shot. Shots were blended together using a mask on the warmer shot and turning the opacity down on the warmer shot.

Here is a blow up of the party, not as big as I thought. Note the star trails and the trees were moving around in the breeze for this 6 minute exposure.


Finally here is what the beach really looked like to the naked eye. As you can see I could not see the kids, I could hear them and see the little light they flicked on every so often. They probably could not see me and may not even known I was there.


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