Tuesday, April 1, 2008

#28 Night Shot: Naples Beach


This is a long exposure night shot of a beach in Naples Florida. The exposure information is: 8 minutes at f/8, iso 100. Canon 20D with EFS 17-55 IS at 17mm.

Eight minutes is just long enough to get the star trails. The earth does rotate much faster than we think.

Processing: In camera raw I made two images. One image I set the temperature down to bring out the blue in the sky and water. The other exposure was warmed up to give color to the sand. I basically just laid the cooler image on top and masked out the beach to allow the warmer color to come through.

Below is what the beach actually looked like. Actually the shot below was for 50 secs and a little over exposed. It was actually darker on the beach - such that I needed a flash light to see the sand.


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