Friday, March 21, 2008

#26 HDR House


I drove by this house over at the end of Avondale road in Woodinville WA. I thought it would make a first serious study in HDR. I learned a lot from this shot.

Important Lesson #1: I really need to use a cable release and maybe mirror lock-up. I put the camera on a tripod but using my finger to trigger the shutter moved the camera too much between the 5 exposures I took on this house - it really impacted my post processing.

Post Processing: Since my pictures did not line up real well in HDR processing within Photomatix, I was forced to transform one of the RAW images and tonemap it to help out in some of the problem parts of the HDR image. Amazingly the difference between the true HDR image and the single RAW tone mapped image were not that significant. Most of the house is the single tone mapped RAW image.

I exposed 5 frames at 1 stop exposure from -2 to +2 exposure.

Starting from the bottom. The 0 exposure was the background layer.
Second layer was the HDR image from photomatix. Opacity at 82%. The exposures did not line up so I needed the third layer. Mostly used the sky of the HDR image.
The top or third layer was the Photomatix single RAW file tone mapped image. Most of the house was the single RAW tone mapped image. I masked the sky to show the HDR sky which was much better.

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