Thursday, March 20, 2008

#25 Trees of Alpental


This was taken on the Edelweiss Chair looking at Gunmont run. Alpental Ski Resort, Snoqualmie Pass, Washington.

See post #16 Alpental Skier, picture taken from same place about a year apart.

Lots of Processing on this file. From the bottom.

1. Original shot, background layer.
2. Apply a pretty radical gaussian blur to the background for layer 2. Opacity at 38%
3. Over sharpen BG layer. Mask out the trees except for the foreground tree. Therefore the snow, center tree and sky show through and are super sharp.
4. Monochrome Channel Mixer adjustment layer, use gradient mask to show only bottom third of image. Makes tree trunks go black.
5. Curves adjustment layer.
6. Curves adjustment layer with mask to apply to sky only. Pop the blue in the sky.

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