Saturday, February 16, 2008

#17 B-17 Bottom Turet


My daughter was reading a World War II novel at school. It was about a B-17 bomber and its crew. She wanted to see a real B-17 and it just happened that one was visiting Seattle. So we went down to take a look. This is the bottom machine gun turret on the plane. I really can not believe someone would actually sit in there. Interestingly, my daughter commented how small the plane was - just 60 years ago this was one of the largest planes flying.

I really like this shot. The gun turet looks other-worldly, alien and evil. I think it is emphasized by the fact that it pops out of the bottom of such a beautiful and streamlined airplane.

I shot this through a chain link fence, the blur to the left side is the fence. As an aside. I know we all get pretty upset about marks or dirt on our lens. But if I am shooting through a chain link fence and it only slightly mars the shot - notice the end of the top machine gun, then a little dirt or scratch on our lens is not going to make any difference at all. I have heard some professional photographers make this same point but it is always nice to prove it.

Photoshop: Cropped about 50%, Very slight curves adjustment to increase contrast. I used the channel mixer in monochrome to convert to black and white (the line on tarmack was annoyingly yellow), Used standard PS sharpening.

Photograph EXIF info
Canon 20D using EF 70-200 f/4L at 200 mm for 1/250s @ f/6.3, iso=100.

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