Sunday, August 12, 2007

#11 Detail of Lookin' for a handout.


This is detail shot of one of two gulls in a larger original shot, which can been seen here

This looks like a fairly old seagull. Looks like this guy as seen a lot. I don't believe that I over-sharpened the shot, this guy is just kind of beat up...

A favorite family activity is to take a ferry ride. This weekend we took the ferry from Seattle to Bremerton. My kids started to feed the gulls then other people started also. Late in the evening the sun was setting in back of the ship, we were standing in the front and these gulls where coming in and out of the sunlight as it was blocked by the boat - made for a dramatic shot.

Photoshop: Actually not a lot was done to this shot. I applied very slight shadow/highlight, curves and smart sharpen. That's it. It really does not look that much different from the raw capture, just a little more punch.

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