Saturday, July 21, 2007

#9 Sunset Sail. July 21, 2007


After being boatless in Seattle for the past year, I have gotten the bug to dive into boat ownership again. A really nice J/29 came up for sale and I gave the owner a call and took a sail on it during a race this week. The boat is really fast and really nice. We took the gun (first across the finish line) and won the race. Although this was just a beer can race.

During the race a storm passed close buy and I took this picture of one of our competitors sailing to windward of us. (What a Tripp, Peterson 37) Anyway, buying a boat is the easy part, finding a place to moor it is a whole different problem. There are no places to moor a boat in Seattle.

Photoshop on this Picture:
I did a lot of adjustments to this picture, but in the end, it does not look much different from the original shot. I tried to improve it but I just kept pulling the opacity of my adjustments down so far that they only change the picture very slightly. The most significant change would be the sharpening and curves adjustment.

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